Saturday, July 2 - Tournaments

This year we will hold three tournaments on Saturday instead of four. The three will be Solo Rapier, Rapier and Dagger, and Sidesword.

Here is a very approximate schedule and order of events for Saturday:

8:00am - doors open, set-up, inspections

9:00am - welcoming remarks and presentation on rules

Touraments Begin

Side Sword
15-min break
Solo Rapier


Tournaments Continue

Rapier and Dagger

Pickup fights, time permitting

Dinner off-site

Sunday, July 3 - Classes

A few weeks out, registered attendees will receive a class sign-up form by email. Classes will fill on a first-come first-served basis and will cap at 30 students. Should your desired class fill up before you're able to sign up, auditing will be an option.

Classes are divided into two tracks, which will happen in designated areas. Do not feel constrained to stay in one track or the other all day - take the classes you feel you will get the most out.

Read about our instructors here.
Read full class descriptions here.


Room 1: Bumi Fong - Injury Prevention for Longevity and Enhanced Performance in Combat Sports


Room 1: André Hajjar Sesé - Absolute Control
Room 2: Kaja Sadowski - Helicopter of Death

10:45am - break


Room 1: André Hajjar Sesé - Absolute Chaos
Room 2: Kaja Sadowski - Very Serious Spinny Jumpy Martial Arts

12:30pm - lunch


Room 1: Justin Aucoin- Random Acts of Violence: Exploring the Weird, Quirky & Unique Plays in Rapier
Room 2: Guy Windsor - Controlling the Story

3:00pm - break


Room 1: Justin Aucoin- Tactics 101: How to Adapt Your Fencing Against Unorthodox Opponent
Room 2: Guy Windsor - Troubleshooting Your Rapier Fencing