Introducing our instructors

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Maestro Devon Boorman

Devon Boorman has practised Historical European Martial Arts for more than 25 years. Starting first with Asian martial arts, including Kung Fu and Arnis, Devon discovered western swordplay through the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) which connected him with a burgeoning community of martial artists and scholars studying Historical European Marital Arts throughout the world.

Devon has travelled extensively, first as a student, then as a competitor, teacher, and researcher. He has won more than 40 European martial arts competitions, and worked on both stage and screen as a stunt person and choreographer. He is actively involved in the translation, interpretation, and revival of Western Martial Arts from surviving historical manuals, some of which are on display at his school. Devon is the author of two DVDs and one book on the Italian Rapier and Longsword.

Devon's expertise centres on the Italian swordplay tradition including the arts of the renaissance Italian rapier, sidesword, and longsword, as well as knife and unarmed techniques. He has taught workshops and seminars throughout the world on both the study and practice of historical techniques and on practical combat implementation.

Devon is the co-founder and director of Academie Duello, which has been active in the Vancouver area since 2004. Under his leadership the school has become a centre for swordplay with over 200 active students, a store, and an arms and armour museum. The Academie is currently the largest WMA centre in the world; a model that Devon hopes to help others achieve as the Western arts grow in popularity.

renaissance fencer

Mike Prendergast

Mike Prendergast has been researching and practising historical strategy and European martial arts since 1999. He also trained for several years in Hyoho Niten Ichi Ryu, the traditional Japanese style of swordsmanship founded by the famous duellist and strategist Miyamoto Musashi.

Mike discovered historical European fencing through the international medievalist group, the Society for Creative Anachronism, where he has received the society's highest award for research, the Laurel. He is a Prefect of the Drachenwald Academy of Defence and in 2015 he was appointed one of the three premier Masters of Defence in the European branch of the society for his practice of historical fencing. He was also a founding committee member of HEMA Ireland, Ireland’s national federation for Historical European Martial Arts.

Mike’s main focus is on the art of fencing of Renaissance Italy. Initially studying and teaching Bolognese fencing, he has moved to specialise in the rapier style of Nicoletto Giganti (1606) and the system of Fiore dei Liberi (c. 1410). He has also recently published an English translation of the Collectanea of Pietro Monte (1509).

Mike instructs in Giganti’s rapier and Fiore’s longsword with SCA Dun in Mara and he interprets and teaches the martial arts of Pietro Monte, as chief instructor with the Historical Combat Academy, in Dublin, Ireland. He teaches internationally at HEMA events.

He is the coordinator of the annual International Rapier Seminar (IRS) and he hosted the 2015 IRS in Dublin. Mike competes internationally in tournaments and has taken medals in a variety of weapon forms, including gold in rapier and sword & buckler. He has been selected for Team Ireland and the United Kingdom in rapier and dagger for the demonstration HEMA tournament at the 2nd European Games in Minsk in June 2019.

renaissance fencer

Guy Windsor

Guy Windsor is a swordsmanship practitioner, instructor, researcher, writer, and also an entrepreneur. His mission in life is to restore historical martial arts to their rightful place at the heart of our culture. You can check out his blog, his books, his courses, and the syllabus he has developed at his website. He will be joining us at LBC this year as an instructor and ring director.

Guy has been studying, applying, and teaching the historical martial arts a long time. A brief overview of his work follows:

1994: Guy founded The Dawn Duellists’ Society with Joe Calise and Paul Macdonald; it is still running today, and many of its members have gone on to found their own groups, such as the Hotspur School of Defence, the Black Boar Swordsmanship School, and others.

1999: Guy helped to found the British Federation for Historical Swordplay, with Paul Macdonald and Bob Brooks. It is still running today.

2004: He published The Swordsman’s Companion. It broke new ground and got a generation of students across the globe started with HMA.

2006: He published The Duellist’s Companion. This was the first comprehensive training guide to the rapier, and is still the foundation of many schools’ training regimens.

2011: His book The Medieval Dagger was published by Freelance Academy Press.

2012: Guy began blogging, providing useful free content to the HMA community.

2013: He published Veni Vadi Vici, a translation of Philippo Vadi’s manuscript De Arte Gladiatoria Dimicandi, and released the translation online for free.

2014: He published The Medieval Longsword. At this point the number of free training videos online passed 100, including many full-length seminars. He also published the first two decks of Audatia, the first ever card game that teaches historical swordsmanship.

2015: Guy published Swordfighting, the first four installments of The Swordsman’s Quick Guide, and two more Audatia decks.

2016: He published Advanced Longsword: Form and Function, the final two Audatia decks, three more instalments of The Swordsman’s Quick Guide, and put over 30 HMA treatises online for free, including Fabris, Marozzo, Agrippa and Girard. Guy also released the first ever online course to help students research HMA; called “Recreate historical swordsmanship from historical sources”.

2017: Guy created several more online course, including The Medieval Dagger course, the Medieval Longsword course, the Breathing course, and others, while working on two more books.

2018: He published The Theory and Practice of Historical Martial Arts, the definitive guide to how martial arts can be recreated, and trained. He published The Art of Sword Fighting in Earnest, a new improved academic translation of De Arte Gladiatoria Dimicandi, which, combined with The Duellist’s Companion, The Medieval Dagger, and a critical review of these three books, earned Guy a PhD from Edinburgh University.

renaissance fencer

Jonathan MacKenzie Gordon

Jonathan MacKenzie Gordon has been a student of the Virginia Academy of Fencing Historical Swordsmanship program since 2008 and an instructor since 2012. He teaches foil, German Longsword, and specializes in the art of the Scottish Broadsword. He actively researches and recreates Scottish historical swordsmanship based on period fencing treatises, and has traveled internationally to train with experts in the field and is currently studying several Scottish broadsword fencing systems, including Angelo, Page, Sinclair, and Mathewson. He has taught classes and workshops at several events including DC HEMA, Maryland KDF’s Autumnfecht, and Brass Frog.

He has competed at numerous events in Longsword, Military Saber, and German Ringen at Longpoint, Longpoint South, Oktoberfecht, and Brass Frog and has been a judge for several Longpoint events and was a referee at the 2016 and 2018 DC HEMA, 2018 Lord Baltimore’s Challenge, 2017 Longpoint South tournaments, and was the tournament director for the highly successful inaugural Singlestick competition at the 2018 DC HEMA event.